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East Van Roasters






East Van Roasters is a Bean-to-bar cafe loved by the locals. The cafe uses ethically sourced coffee and cocoa beans in their shop where the coffee and chocolate are made from scratch. EVR is also a non-profit social enterprise of the PHS Community Services Society, providing support and training to the women residents of the Rainier Hotel and other downtown Eastside housing initiatives. EVR needs a revamp of the website and brand identity that embody both the quality of their products as well as their social cause. 



  • Rebranding

  • Concept and app development

  • Style guide

  • Desktop Wireframes

  • Mobile Wireframes


East Van Roasters


  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Sketch

  • Invision



East Van Roaster is very well loved by the loyal customers. However, it doesn't have the same recognition outside of the fan base, because of the highly saturated cafe market in Vancouver. The current website lacks mobile responsiveness, brand identity, and well thought out user flow. The newly designed website will allow users to:

  • View website on mobile or desktop
  • Understand what makes EVR unique
  • Easily navigate the site


mood board.png

This moodboard reflects the mood the client wanted the brand to portray. The pictures and colours bring a sense of warmth, comfort and raw-ness.


Logo Redesign

logo redesign.png

The client did not want to make many changes to the logo, as the current logo is very well loved and recognized by the clients and business alike. The kerning and spacing was adjusted with the letters to have a more uniform feel. The cacao pod was expanded and placed closer to the letters so that it is easier on the eyes. The same colour of the pod was incorporated to the ‘Artisan Chocolate + Coffee’ for a more seamless feel. These were small adjustments made to the original logo that give it a more modern feel.


Visual Identity

Style Guide (condensed).png

Style guide was created based on the moodboard, to make sure the important elements are carried through. EVR prides themselves in the bean-to-bar process, and the bean has a strong presence in the brand identity. 

Font Lato was chosen to bring a sense of calmness in contrast to the eccentric main logo font of 'snellen'.

Icons were created to illustrate the bean-to-bar process, outlined in light grey against the black to give a hand-drawn look.