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Duke is a new residential unit located in the heart of Mount Pleasant, targeted towards younger demographic that will enjoy the fun lifestyle the area has to offer. In preparation of the new unit, a website and accompanying visuals were created.



Rhapsody Living


  • Brand Identity design
  • print design
    • Brochure, window wrapping, map leaflet
  • digital assets for wordpress template


  • Adobe Photoshop, Indesign
  • Sketch
  • Wordpress
Duke Map.png

DUKE is located in Mount Pleasant, surrounded by fun local businesses. It also has a unique building shape of a trapezoid



The challenge was to create a website and visual elements that embodies the lifestyle of Mount Pleasant, while effectively delivering the features of the units.




The design inception sheet was created to have a creative direction for the campaign. Duke is a new and exciting addition to a very lively area and it is represented in the design inception.


Visual Identity

moodboard 2.png

Variations of 'green' and 'blue' were used to bring out the modern and trendy mood of Duke.





banner (day).png


This banner represents the young and vibrant energy Mount Pleasant has during the day. The images are bright in colour, with natural light and showcases food and nature that can be found in the neighbourhood.

banner (night).jpg


This banner shows the trendy and bustling energy Mount Pleasant has during the night. The images are dark in comparison, with neon signs with more emphasis on entertainment and retail services in the neighbourhood.



The booklet is the last chance to make a memorable impression to someone that has viewed the showrooms, as it is the one item they can take home. The design follows the moodboard and design direction closely with the teal triangular shapes and images fitting together like a puzzle. 

front book.png
back book.png

Window Wrapping

Duke is located in a busy area with traffic, so the window wrapping needed to be very eye catching and memorable from a glance. The pops of colour in triangles effectively grab the attention, while the images of the neighbourhood allow the viewer to imagine what living at duke would be like. The images can be seen as busy because they are different shapes and sizes, but by keeping them aligned at the bottom in the zig-zag or waves shape, it puts equal emphasis on the text, which clearly shows that the showroom is for a new rental unit. 

Window (6) 'rent' here.png
 Window wrapping after completion

Window wrapping after completion